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If you were ask a group of CEO’s or CRO's when in the growth or life of a business do they need to hire a CRO, you’d get a large and varied set of answers.

Businesses need different things at different stages and sizes:
The focus for a start-up is not exactly the same as the focus or key needs as a scale up and is different again to a mature enterprise organization. Despite this, we see CRO’s named in businesses ranging from bootstrapped and in the first millions of ARR up through those in the billions. If a CRO is defined as owning the ‘end to end responsibility for revenue including sales, marketing, and customer success’, it begs the question - does a start-up with <10M in ARR need a CRO?
We will be covering this topic at our CRO Connected Roundtable on December 8 from 10:30 - 11:30 am GMT where those in the know will take sides in our Oxford Debate on ’Start’ups with <10M ARR do NOT need a CRO.'Following the debate attendees will chime in and share their FOR and AGAINST positions. It should be a lively and healthy discourse - we hope you’ll join us!Come join the battle of GTM experts in CRO Connected’s Oxford Debate taking place virtually on December 8 from 10:30 - 11:30 GMT.

Warren Zena and Dave Oates will represent the IN FAVOR of this statement.Andy Tatlock and Mark Walker will stand AGAINST this statement.