JOIN US OCT 6th, 10:30am

Year after year, CRO’s create sales kick-off events to inspire, challenge, and excite their teams. With the asks always seeming bigger than the one before, new products to bring to market, and a strategy CRO’s are trying to land, curating a memorable event with lasting impact is at best, difficult. 
Equally tough is coming up with incentive trips which will motivate individuals and teams to top performance for succeeding against their targets and delivering on our strategy. 
Our CRO Connected roundtable on October 3 is going to shine a light on how CRO’s can tackle both of these challenges in the most effective way with host Richard Bridge, founder of creative communications agency Top Banana and now Managing Director of TBA Group’s brand division. 
Join us and elevate your kick-off events, incentive programs and strategy days from average to amazing impact !